How to make henna tattoo designs at home

How to make henna tattoo designs at home? Good morning , today we talk about one of my childhood Still, the henna tattoo. 
I was one of those girls who proudly sported the sea his winged horse hennato on his shoulder. Well, yes. 
Now I grew up (although I would still like my Pegasus on the shoulder) and I decided to learn to do it alone. 

Of course this is not meant to be a very serious HOW TO, but more of a " How I did it "because it speaks to you a complete beginner, a bit too 'wimpy. 

Look for inspiration

Especially if you are a beginner I strongly discourage you to start without a plan. And I intend to project a picture or a drawing reference from then draw on the skin as a guide. I tried a bit 'on Pinterest, I got an idea, I made a sketch of the commonest skin with water-based markers and once made to me an idea of ​​the size I made the rest.

Keep in mind that the body is painted quite the same way. In areas where the skin is thicker (palms, knuckles, elbows, etc.), the color will be more intense and last longer. 

Prepare the dough
Here I had to tell well on the internet. There are some schools of thought (as always when it comes to henna) but I decided to do a little 'my way (see: paciugare without restraint ). Of course you need the henna powder, it's good that you normally use on the hair (eye to picramate, I had to throw it all away because I realized later that my contained it) but you have to have the patience to sift it several times to remove any twigs / lumps / retiring manner. I can not give you a precise amount of powder to use for my design are enough (and advanced) two tablespoons cooking, but always Make it a little 'more, it would be bad to get to the middle design and finish the pasta. 

Add a few drops of tea tree oil (I put two tablespoons of powder to 4). try to reach the consistency of a toothpaste adding lemon juice a little at a time.
Some say to add a tablespoon of brown sugar. I've put to thicken a bit 'but I do not know if I've made a difference or not. 
Take care to remove any lump and only after reaching a homogeneous consistency and smooth 

Protect the paste

After the design moisten again with the lemon and let it dry. Once dry, you have two choices, leave it out or cover it first with a piece of kitchen paper and then wrap it with the DOMOPACK, to keep it even more time in contact with the skin. The general rule is: the more you keep dough intact, the color will be more intense and last. And this includes not soak the area (yes, no wash: P) for at least 10 to 12 hours. Better if you sleep there, then. For this you are careful about where you design, having to take your hand steady for 12 hours could be a problem. Having used the sugar and the lemon should not come off but beware of the knuckles and joints in general. 

how long does henna Tatoo last?

This depends on you and the area in which you made the drawing. At the beginning of the post I told you that in areas where the skin is thick and keratinized will last longer, but there is a but. On the hands, in theory, should last a lifetime. GNEEEE, wrong. The hands are the areas that we wash several times a day, so the design will not last much, the water (especially chlorine) and exfoliation are the worst enemies of our design. The color on your hands will be very intense and full, but tend to fade much more quickly. My design on the back of the left hand lasted 10 days before fading back on itself and then on the back of the fingers, staying longer on the knuckles, as expected, but being also went twice to the sea. Also on the ring has faded much more quickly having taken the dough only 3 hours, unlike the rest of the hand 10.
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