+100 Henna Tattoos Design Ideas For Women and Men

Mehndi is a secret language, a symbolic language. Although the meaning of signs and motive pose specific cultures and even vary from person to person, the use of symbols is universal. Symbols are the language of the unconscious and of the ancients. 

In India a person embraces the conviction that there is a meaning behind the action and mystic. In Morocco, a woman decorates their bodies in accordance with their spiritual faith. 
In Mehndi symbols occur on many different levels. There is the symbolism of the matter and the action, in addition to the design itself. 

The Henna plant is a symbol of transformation, for the celebrated ulita over that for the decorative potential. (Its therapeutic properties make it even more intense short duration of each beautiful and intricate design). There is the symbolism of the act of painting with henna, the metaphorical meaning of the plant itself, and finally, the symbolism of the designs as such. These multiple levels of meaning metaphor makes mehndi a medium extremely passionate and powerful. 

The miracle of the symbol 

The realm of symbols is deep and multi-dimensional. More deepens the analysis of the symbols used in the decoration to the henna, the more it becomes difficult to distinguish between the beauty of science, the power of art and religion, and the miracle of the unconscious human. Many of the symbols in the painting with henna Employees have existed for centuries before the scientific studies and mathematics that give new meaning and significance to their usage. 

Learning about these forms is like discovering a hidden universe. 

In his book Art Of Rajasthan, the Indian scholar Jogendra Saksena speaks of the magical nature of this art form. Although the text was written in the fifties and makes no mention of the work of Carl Jung, it was a relief to discover that he too was equally stunned by the correlation between the symbol of these designs and natural phenomena revealed thanks to scientific discoveries. With his knowledge of doctrines such as tantra and meditation, he was fascinated by the intuition of the human mind, revealed through art, ritual and spiritual. The symbols used in Mehndi designs often result similar to the tantric (yantras) they use the yogis in their meditation practice. It is believed that by practicing the sadhana, called the Mental training is necessary for the spiritual effort.

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